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Rebecca Walker
Rebecca Walker talking with students after her speech

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Rebecca Walker


Walker, Rebecca, 1969-


Rebecca Walker was the keynote speaker for Project A.W.A.R.E in 1998. The series that year included issues of spirituality, gender roles, parenthood, domestic violence, and LGBTQIA+ rights. She spoke on March 3, 1998, about “Changing the Face of Feminism.” She discussed women’s struggle to redefine and reclaim feminism. Walker was constantly guarded by security on campus in case of protesters, which she found amusing.

Rebecca Walker is the daughter of Alice Walker, who wrote The Color Purple. Walker is also the goddaughter of noted feminist Gloria Steinem. She graduated from Yale University in 1992 and co-founded the Third Wave Direct Action Corporation. The Third Wave addresses concerns of police brutality, women’s equality, and other acts of discrimination. It is a national non-profit organization, designed for young people between 15 and 28, to support young women’s activism. The first project was a voter registration campaign which enrolled 25,000 voters, most from low-income places. The organization grew to have 12 chapters around the country that focus on race, cultural, sex and gender issues.

Walker was named the Feminist of the Year for her work in voter registration during the 1994 elections by the Fund for the Feminist Majority. She also received the Paz y Justicia award from the Vanguard Public Foundation. Walker has written for Ms. Magazine, Mademoiselle, Harper’s Sassy, The Black Scholar, The New York Daily News, and Spin. Walker wrote about reproductive freedom, domestic violence, and sexuality. In 1995, she edited the book To Be Real: Telling the Truth and Changing the Face of Feminism. It was a collection of 21 essays by male and female feminists about what it means to be a feminist. She emphasized that there was not one way to be a feminist and that everyone could become one. Feminists all look different, but all believe in social, political, and economic equality for men and women.


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