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White Earth Project pictures_0084 ca 1895.tif
Photo of girls showing their handiwork at St. Benedict's Mission School.

White Earth Project pictures_0105.tif
Photo of six girls posed with basketball labelled W.E.I.S. 1917

White Earth.jpg
Photo of three men seated in front of White Earth school and church. The early log school building is visible on the right,

White Earth classrooml.jpg
Students seated in classroom with a Sister in the background

Photo of Sisters posed with child, likely an Ojibwe orphan.

During the summer of 1890, the bricks for this four-story building were made near the mission and in the winter months, the lumber and other materials were gathered. Two years later, February 10, 1892, the school was opened for 100 children with the…

White Earth Day School.png
Photo of children near school bus in White Earth, MN.Bus driver: Rev. Constantine Thelen, OSB, a brother to Rev. Valerian Thelen, OSB.

White Earth 1940s.jpg
Photo of brick school building on White Earth reservation, with unidentified children.

White Earth with Students.jpg
Photo of female students on the lawn outside the mission school at White Earth.

White Earth Saint Benedict's Mission Boarding School.jpg
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