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Cyril Paul 2015.jpg
Photo of Cyril Paul performing on the Lake Sagatagan beach, Saint John's University, summer 2015. Paul is playing the drum, Jeff Engholm the bass, unknown keyboard performer.

Undated photo of marching band on the football field at Saint John's University.

Cyril Paul 1958.jpg
Yearbook photo of Cyril Paul

MicrosoftTeams-image (5).png
Photos of CSB student Lilly Goyah recording a music video of her song "Freedom" in the Colman Barry Creativity Center, Saint John's University.

Photo of Johnnie Bennie Media crew and members of musical group Collegeville Dropouts in video studio, Colman Barry Creativity Center, Saint John's University.

NATAS 2023.jpeg
Photo of SJU students De'Marco Walton, Josh Ehlen and Mark Holian receiving Student Production Award from the Upper Midwest Emmy® Foundation for the music video Where Is My Mind.  These students have been members of Johnnie Bennie Media and were also…

Photo of SJU student De'Marco Walton at audio board for recording Studio Sessions, Colman Barry Creativity Center, SJU.

Tonic Sol Fa.jpg
Photo of musical group Tonic Sol Fa in the Saint John's University Quadrangle.

Mens Choir.jpg
Yearbook photo of Axel Theimer conducting the Saint John's Men's Chorus in Stephen B. Humphrey Auditorium, Saint John's University, 1994.

First CD produced by Tonic Sol-fa. The song "Lay Me Down" features a live performance of the Saint John's Men's Chorus and the CSB/SJU Chamber Choir.
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