Scrapbook pages

Notebook1-019 450.jpg

Nancy Hauser and the Dance Guild Theatre, with Guest Artist Margret Dietz, December 8, 1968. Program for performances at the Benedicta Arts Center at the College of Saint Benedict.

Notebook3-001 450.jpg

Dance Studio Margret Dietz, 1970. Flyer for Dietz's own studio, opening in Minneapolis.

Notebook3-065 450.jpg

Margret Dietz's burial service, hand-copied Rilke poem, June 26, 1972. The poem is "Taube, die draussen blieb." Dietz is buried in the sisters' cemetery at St. Benedict's Monastery in St. Joseph, Minnesota.

Notebook8-099 450.jpg

Thank you from Alicia, 1977. Alicia P. thanks Spira for coming to her school, and includes a drawing of dancing Mary, dancing Terry, and dancing Paula.

Scrapbook pages