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History and Her-Story: Gender at CSB/SJU: Regaining Momentum After FIPSE Grant Boost
A history of gender and women's studies at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University, from 1970s through 2003. The documents notes the importance of a 1984 FIPSE grant in integrating gender considerations into the curriculum.

Fiorenza Sparks Hot Controversy
Newspaper account of campus visit by theologian Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza

Winona LaDuke
Ojibwe activist Winona LaDuke came to CSB on March 29, 2005. She was invited by the Campus Greens and Campus Feminists. More than 150 students attended LaDuke’s speech. She discussed US political actions, environmental problems, land disputes, and…

Simone Campbell SSS and Nuns on the Bus
Nuns on the Bus is a group of sisters that belong to the NETWORK, a Catholic social justice lobby group. Their aim was to educate Americans about economic injustices and to encourage governmental officials to promote greater economic justice for all.…

Rebecca Walker
Rebecca Walker was the keynote speaker for Project A.W.A.R.E in 1998. The series that year included issues of spirituality, gender roles, parenthood, domestic violence, and LGBTQIA+ rights. She spoke on March 3, 1998, about “Changing the Face of…

Meridel LeSueur
Meridel LeSueur was a Minnesota-based writer and feminist. On May 8, 1987, LeSueur became the first recipient of the College of Saint Benedict’s Lumen Vitae (Light of Life) Award. The award is given to people who illuminate the lives of others.…

Bella Abzug
Congressional Representative Bella Abzug was invited by the Joint Events Council to give a speech on November 27, 1979 at CSB. She addressed the topic, “Women and Politics.” 700 people attended her speech, with about 2/3 of the audience women. Abzug…

bell hooks
Feminist bell hooks was invited to give the 1999 lecture for the Women’s Lives Series at CSB. Her October 14, 1999 speech was “Embracing Poverty: Toward a Politics of Communalism.” She examined poverty in popular culture and stated that we need to…

Benedictine Institute of Sacred Theology, 1958
Photo of first cohort of Benedictine Institute of Sacred Theology, on the campus of Saint John's University.

While on the campus of the College of Saint Benedict, BIST students travelled by bus to use the library at Saint John's University.
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